My friend, I enjoy the reads from Jim Bailey's past columns (12 - 25, & 1 - 1) but I also believe in History repeating itself and most importantly, learning from it.

Wednesday was a the very least, a "wake up call" and why I will continue to focus on our little known Banning Regional Airport and our Sister Cities of Banning and Beaumont as a future logistic center for the safety of our growing Inland Empire (wild fires, earthquakes, civil unrest etc.) as it is not being addressed by using the real priorities that a growing community of over 100,000 people will require in the coming years.

Now that our Congressman from the 36th District (Dr. Raul Ruiz) has first hand knowledge on what "can go wrong" (his recent DC experience on Wednesday afternoon) if it is not planned for in advance and executed correctly.

I hope you have read the article on what I call the re structuring of our Army and Air National Guard as it addresses your current understanding that it was simply a recruiting issue demographics that closed the last National Guard unit in the Banning and Beaumont area.

For what its worth (I was there) none of what we know already about lawful & unlawful assemblies (the LA Watts Riots of 1965) in the past was executed in DC from what I can tell (Military re National Guard troops on site prior to the event, high pressure water hoses & non lethal defense devices) but yet we still had a loss of four lives?!

I am all in for recreational events (area drag races at the Banning Airport, Market Night in the Center etc.) for the IE here, but not at the cost of our not looking ahead at the real and present dangers of climate and civil unrest that we may all be facing in the near future.

Addressing the real priorities in the IE here and now continues to be a big issue for our community to address in my opinion.

Michael Mencacci, Beaumont


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