To Editor:

I am responding to recent letters in opposition to Measure H.

As a voting taxpayer in the Pass communities for 40 years, I am sad at the lack of taxpayer knowledge of the tax measures placed on ballots. Voting decisions based on emotion only makes for unwanted results.

I took the time to read: my tax bill (Measure D) to understand Measure H.

I found that the Measure H $60 per year parcel tax has and does adjust based on property values.

Measure H is a continuation of the existing Measure D, approved by the district voters, 10 year charge, which ends June 30, 2022.

I am reminded that SGPH is owned by we the district local residents. It is not governed by out-of-town corporate conglomerate. (See the Keep Our ER Open sheet).

So, could SGMH use better informed oversight with the goal of making it better?

I would say so. We the taxpayers are charged to be informed about this issue, not just emotional as we have in the past.

One more tax issue that slipped by our taxpayer noses.

A recent vote by the “volunteer” Board of Directors San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency members: yearly stipend increased to $18,000 per year.

One SGPWA board member did oppose this increase.

It’s our community. Be informed!

Lynette Simonson, Beaumont


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