I am writing this letter to:

Protest the development on the Warehouse project at Sun Lakes Blvd. for the following reasons.

The construction of a warehouse in the residential city of Banning downgrades the image of Banning as a premium quality residential community is with value homes at Sun Lakes Country Club and Four Seasons for senior living and new homes developments for the younger movement.

With the current traffic problem that currently exists to have a minimum of 400 or more big rig trucks entering and leaving daily over-200 or more Warehouse employees entering and leaving 3 times per day — plus the parking problems at San Lakes shopping center will generate hours of delays, frustration and anger to San Lakes residents and Banning visitors.

The air pollution from the trucks along with the Noise Pollution Trucks generate plus the noise generated by warehouse function represent a health problem for the residents of San Lakes Country Club and surrounding areas 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

The construction of this warehouse will affect the value of all San Lakes Country Club homes and prevent many new home buyers highly questions to buy in Banning.

I hope in your next Banning Town meeting you will vote NO WAREHOUSE for a safer and great residential living.

Thank you,

Robert E. Schott, Banning


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