It doesn't surprise me at all that Gary Campenella feels that we should sit back and accept the view of scientists as to when the country should get back to normalcy; by their standards normalcy is no deaths due to the pandemic virus at all.

That position overlooks the devastation caused by the prolonged shut down of the country; there is another side to be considered and, in his rigidity, he overlooks the catastrophe caused by a prolonged national shut down.

Apparently, Campenella is willing to accept the fact that people will lose their businesses, bankruptcies will increase, employees will have no jobs to return to, some will be on welfare for the rest of their lives, marriages will fail and suicides will dramatically increase.

That's the bye-product of waiting for the virus to go away.

Using Campenella's logic, we would have saved many lives had we not landed in Normandy.

This country must get back to work now despite fears that "millions" will die; that fear has already been put to rest because that was the cry of the radical left whose target is to keep the country closed for partisan objectives.

Millions have not died, not here and not in the world.

It is nothing more than an effort by the radical left to win votes in November by creating a fabrication in an effort to seduce those less fortunate to grasp and understand the real facts, and in Campenella's case, it seems that they have been successful.

Campenella went on to say, though it had absolutely nothing to do with his other distortion, that Trump's message to many has been — “if you're white and rich you'll be okay but if you're poor and black good luck."

Obviously, Mr. Campenella has a flair for negative creative writing as he has previously shown but the fact remains that this time Mr. Campenella was caught in nothing more than an out right lie.

President Trump never said or inferred that.

I'm surprised at you Mr. Campenella; if I had lied like that, my mother would have told me to apologize and set the record straight — you might just consider doing that — but I doubt it will happen.

R. S. Bibbo, Banning


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