Dear Editor,

Kob kun ka; Kob kun krub; Gracias; Merci. I hope that these words selected merely by chance to present a theme of multicultural diversity are all expressions of thanks as intended by my amateur google research. The purpose was to discover how various languages convey the same concept of gratitude although indigenous to various cultures.

Multicultural diversity has become so interwoven into the fabric of American society that it has become the American way of life in schools, businesses, state governments, shopping centers, houses of worship and everywhere as we encounter people who reflect the diversity of many cultures. This amazing grace of racial and ethnic cultural diversity deserves the unlimited red-blooded, zealous educational support of every academic institution.

The sudden manifestation of the significance of educational multicultural diversity struck as a lightning bolt of enlightenment as I observed the May 13 Beaumont High School 2021 Graduating Seniors Scholarship Awards event under a cloudless sky at the school’s football field. All event observers were dutifully masked in defense of the COVID-19 threat, and we looked like a crowd of surgeons prepared to perform academic heart surgery.

It was exhilarating to witness the precise marching discipline of three cadets who presented the colors.

The unifying time-honored recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag under God was complemented by the exhilarating words of the Star Spangled Banner. There was an aura of suspense and anticipation as numerous scholarship awards were distributed for almost every imaginable category of academic achievement — theater arts, Athletes of the Year, Special Attendance Recognition, Champions of Character, Multi-literacy, Bi-literacy — the list would figuratively stretch to China. The presentation of the Dual Languages Scholarships was awesome as presenters bilingually awarded several brilliant students with scholarships to advance their multi-cultural diversity dual language studies beyond high school. It was uplifting to witness respect for multi-cultural diversity in an era of civic and social unrest that is hungering to be nurtured by the concept of Love of Cultural Diversity (LOCD).

Prior to the awards event, I had the privilege of reading letters from 43 Beaumont High School senior candidates who vied for scholarships offered by the Beaumont Educational Support Team (B.E.S.T.) foundation established by retired business persons Jim and Stacey Love of Beaumont. Special thanks go to the generous husband and wife Qazi doctor team of Qazi Medical Group for their contribution to the B.E.S.T. scholarship fund and for their dedicated community service in Beaumont and Banning.

The foundation’s 43 scholastic applicants wrote of the rigors of pursuing their educational studies under pandemic stress and other challenges. More than a thousand words of thanks are due every student and individual who championed to overcome pandemic hardships.

More than a thousand prayers of support for anyone who stumbled along the educational path — for the homeless teens and all those who were snared by challenging circumstances - hold fast to believing in God and that He loves you - believe in yourself that regardless of circumstances, God has a purpose for your life.

Many prestigious scholarship awards were presented, but the most profoundly poignant of all was the Anthony Martinez Memorial Scholarship award that misted eyes, souls, and hearts. Young Martinez was the tragic victim of a pedophile who finally met just retribution in March 2021.

In God’s mysterious way, the 1997 tragedy bonded communities together for months as yellow ribbons in remembrance of the youngster remained wrapped around the trunks of the majestic evergreen trees bordering Beaumont Avenue, alerting the public of its duty to support laws protecting human dignity from the womb to the tomb.

As for souls that have passed on into eternity — the innocent victims of violence, departed loved ones, first responders, all public servants and police officers upholding the law, for our military who sacrificed their lives in defense of democracy, every sacred Memorial Day belongs to them.

Jesus said in the Gospel of Saint John chapter 14.1-3, that special places are reserved in heaven for those who have faith in God.

Alhamdulillah (praise be to God) for the land of the free because of the brave and Shalom (Peace) be with your spirit!

Joan Marie Patsky, Beaumont


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