Dear Editor,

My day started out feeling like Mr. Toad’s Wild ride.

Early morning garden watering, trip to two stores for essentials, picked up a lunch from Carol’s Kitchen for a senior neighbor, all before 11:30 a.m.

I headed down to the art studio to prepare for Friday’s young artists workshop.

Amaya arrived smiling and cheerful and didn’t mention she would be missing the Halloween candy drive-thru with her family.

I was too busy to realize her huge sacrifice to attend class.

We finished up the art class at 4 p.m. and I prepared to give Amaya a lift home.

As we left the studio I noticed a parade of cars driving by with kids in costumes, painted faces, princesses with golden tiaras, all in line to Flamingo’s Event Planner!

Amaya said “Today is the Candy Station Drive-Thru I missed going with my siblings to come to art class.”

Well, as we pulled out we fell right into the line for candy. Oh, was Amaya happy! Little did I know there were nine stations.

We made eight of them and ended with Super Subs, where Diane and her family were all cheerfully handing out sweets to the beat of rocking music.

Leaving Amaya off at her home I gave her a tote bag to carry her cache of candy.

Unlike the end of Mr. Toad’s Wild ride this was a cheerful ending of the day.

Thank you to Banning Parks and Recreation for organizing this fun event!

Gloria Toti Bell, Banning


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