Here’s a chance for Banning’s leaders to tell us how great they have made this city for its citizens.

Let us start with warehouses. They may win but in the end they will lose.

This is Banning. In the future this warehouse will become a derelict building, the restaurants in front will be defunct as they sit on concrete pads that were never built upon.

Banning had promised us medical buildings that went to Beaumont where all the stores and businesses that could have gone here ended up. The council wanted sludge plants and auto dealers and now drag strips –– ideas that would fail presented on Shark Tank. Look at their failures. Downtown Banning with empty stores, a courthouse designed to bring in business that never came.

A historic hotel demolished for shops, offices and restaurants which never happened. A hotel on Ramsey Street restored for a criminal.

An arts district to compete with El Paseo in Palm Desert.

An industrial complex that only housed homeless, and homeless shelters that burned down. An agreement that no new movie theater could be built here allowing a state of the art one to go to Beaumont. Obviously there is more.

Sun Lakes has been carrying Banning including the Melo Roos tax to build an overpass that has allowed success for local stores, mostly in the city of Beaumont.

Whatever successes there are will soon be be overcome by truck traffic.

Nick Polcino, Banning


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