Dear editor,

Usually when one writes letters to the editor they expect a bit of blow back in response and that is fine. But, Mr. Bibbo, I must answer your mischaracterizations of my comments and I can do it quite quickly.

It is easy to see why you like a President who complains about "fake news" while the President, himself, delivers the same constantly.

Your first error is suggesting that I think a government takeover of healthcare is "worthy to consider." Please read again. I wrote that my friend’s comment as an objection to more governmental control was “a good response and worthy to consider.” His objection was worthy, we must think carefully about giving up control. In other words, consider things and act like mature adults. But, you have twisted my meaning and taken the lowest road on it which I hope you did not mischaracterize purposefully for your own reasons.

On impeachment - yes, I did state that the House did its job and that the Senate did not.

But my comment about impartiality went straight to quoted and knowable comments by Senator Lindsey Graham and Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

We all know they said they were not impartial don't we? We saw them say it. My comment had nothing to do with your judgement that the House, voting unanimously, was not, therefore, impartial.

That conclusion on the House, even, is a non-sequitur. Impartiality is not proven by unaninimty.

Mr. Bibbo, thank you for your continued vigilance and participation in the democratic process. Please check your propensity to embellish errantly on another’s writing, however. There is no boogie man in the local bushes.

Scott Hamre, Cherry Valley


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