One thing that you notice when you compare the contributions of Scott Hamre and Ms. Mary Shea is that Ms. Shea always stands firm with her comments while Scott Hamre, when confronted, does what is known as the old fashion slip and slide in to the sunset to distance himself by denying the substance of his words.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hamre is the fact that his own words can be used to reject any attempt to dance off the stage behind a cloud of innocence.

In his most recent contribution, he said that I was in error in stating that he said that a government takeover of health care is "worthy to consider."

In the March 6th edition of this column he wrote the following: "One of my friends correctly pointed out that Medicare For All would surrender more control to the government and I accepted that as a good response and worthy to consider."

His friend said it but Mr. Hamre embraced the idea and published it; nothing was "twisted" or "mischaracterized" as he suggests now. When you accept an idea, repeat it and publish it then it becomes yours too.

No "lowest road taken" there Mr. Hamre, just the facts.

Mr. Hamre also admitted that he recently said with respect to the failed impeachment proceedings that the House Democrats "did their job" while the Senate "shirked their duty" and that the Senate was not "impartial", that having been said despite the fact that 100 percent of the House voted to impeach the President (no impartiality there Mr. Hamre).

Having been caught verbatim in his comments, he now claims that his comments regarding the Senate's so-called lack of impartiality were directed elsewhere; if so, such comments were not part of his original contribution and he also now says, in an attempt to show that the House vote was impartial, that "impartiality is not proven by unanimity" (says who, you?) but that's hard to believe when all those voting in the House voted in lock step at the direction of Speaker Pelosi.

Nice try Mr. Hamre but it won't wash.

There was "no "low road taken" or no "embellishment of the facts" Mr. Hamre, just the old fashion way of pointing out when one consistently puts his foot in his mouth.

R.S. Bibbo, Banning


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