Dear Editor,

Nicolet Middle School staff acknowledges Principal Veronica Rodriguez during October National Principal Month. Since her arrival in July 2019 she has worked to implement progressive changes.

Most visible is the Nicolet front entrance, which announces Palomino Pride. Eight months following her arrival, the unexpected school site closure interrupted her first year, and her second year, the current 2020-2021, opened with distance learning via virtual classes.

Yet Principal Rodriguez established ways to stay connected with students during distance learning.

During the first month of school she personally responded to parents and students either to answer questions or to assist with technology issues. Principal Rodriguez has established a culture of recognizing positive student behaviors by encouraging teachers to write positive referrals.

She then calls parents or guardians each week to report this positive behavior and mails a certificate to each student.

She created a principal’s virtual classroom with activities for students including virtual lunch times which she hosts for students.

Promoting literacy is a priority.

Monthly she invites celebrants to a Drive-by Birthday Book Celebration where students select a book and bookmark. This week she began the Principal’s Virtual Book Club with the book Crenshaw by K. Applegate.

Recently she wrote, “If staying connected to kids isn’t our top priority right now, then we aren’t doing it right.”

Principal Ms. Rodriguez fosters a community of learning and a commitment to NMS students and staff.

Her spoken words convey love and caring.

Furthermore, her actions reinforce her words. For students, her focus is academic and social growth, and emotional well-being, and engaging activities.

For staff, her focus is collegiality, well-being of staff and families, academic and classroom support, and professional growth.

We, staff members, feel proud to work under the leadership of an exemplary, proactive principal.

Her amazingly strong work ethic is implemented with genuine love and concern, compassion and grace, respect and fun.

Principal Ms. Rodriguez is a visionary on a mission to transform Nicolet Middle School into a beacon in our community and which showcases the district’s mission: Banning Unified School District is a diverse community that collaborates to develop responsible, respectful, prepared students to achieve their full potential.

In recognition of October National Principals Month, the NMS staff affirms, “Principal Veronica Rodriguez, we esteem and appreciate you. We feel proud to work under the leadership of an exemplary and proactive principal!


Nicolet Middle School Staff



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