Dear editor,

For decades, America’s military has staunchly defended the rock solid concept of individual liberty embraced by the U.S. Constitution which many people believe is inspired by divine providence.

Designed and crafted in an age of candlelight and feathered pen, the Constitution has survived the assaults of cold war socialism intended to erode and disparage fundamental constitutional rights.

In 1920, a misguided 18th Constitutional Amendment called Prohibition went into effect; it banned the manufacture, transportation, and sale of liquors.

The purpose of Prohibition was to reduce crime and corruption, solve social problems, and improve health and hygiene in America. Alcoholic beverages are not harmful if responsibly purchased and consumed, and that great experiment to coerce human behavior by prohibiting the purchase of those products failed.

Congress repealed the folly of Prohibition with an enlightened 21st Amendment in 1933.

Now fast forward to several years ago, when misguided federal legislation was enacted to coerce individuals to buy a commercial commodity called health insurance.

A fine up to $2,000 and more, which the federal government called a tax, i.e. the “Individual Tax Mandate”, penalized individuals who elected to not buy health insurance coverage or ITM - this federal tax was assessed on the individual’s annual federal tax return.

In December 2017, the historical federal “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was signed into law by presidential affirmation and enlightened congressional approval.

This law repealed the ITM.

The federal punitive tax upon those individuals who elected to not buy health insurance was eliminated some time thereafter much to the relief of those who had suffered through the unjust taxation penalty.

However, in 2020, lo, and behold, the ITM socialistic snake has been resurrected in the State of California which is on the brink of becoming the Socialist Republic of California.

Beware Californians, the California State Legislation has enacted a law mandating that individuals (with a few exceptions) must purchase health insurance in 2020 or be taxed (fined) via their annual state tax return in 2021.

It is best to consult a competent licensed tax adviser to be fully informed concerning state and federal taxation.

Further, on March 3, 2020 California voters can defend and thank all those who have sacrificed much to defend the U.S. Constitution by voting for candidates who more than self their country love.

Now is the time to begin studying who is running for office and why.

Now is the time for supplications to elected officials to repeal the unjust coercive state tax penalty or the state may mandate that everyone must buy winter wooly underwear year-round to endure political cold war tactics.

Joan Marie Patsky, Beaumont


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What's even worse is that the money that CA fines those who can't afford insurance, is used to provide health insurance for illegals!

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