To the editor:

I’m happy to announce that Animal Action League will be in Banning on July 15,16 and 17th. 

We’re very glad to see we’re getting an extra day.

For appts. for spay/neuter can be made at (760) 366-1100.

Appointments are mandatory. 

The low-cost shot clinic is each day from 10 to 2.  No appointment necessary.

Prices: for spay/neuter: cat (f & m) $25    dog (f) $40   dog(m) $80.

Microchipping $8 this is a discounted price sponsored by Tender Loving Critters

Shot prices: cats: $5 to $28...depending on what protection you want for your cat; dogs: $11 to 16, depending on what protection you want for your dog.

Rabies shot: $11 for cat/dog. 

If your dog/cat has already been vaccinated for rabies, please bring your current rabies certificate. 

If you don’t provide proof of current shot, the shot given will only be good for one year.

Please remember: rabies shots and microchipping are mandatory for Riverside County. 

All dogs over 4 months are required to be licensed.

For questions, please call Ellen at Tender Loving Critters (951) 849-5817.

Please be a responsible pet owner, and spay or neuter your pets.

All services are payable by cash only.

Ellen Carr, Tender Loving Critters, Banning


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