According to Democrats and many others — pertaining to the lost southern border, if people have less than you, monetarily, they should go to you and take yours.

When I was a kid in the late 1960s and young adult in the 1970s I heard radical left wingers say this.

I was a moderate Democrat back then and we thought that was a terrible belief.

The Communists around the world had used that rationale.


We had the American Revolution and had increased freedom, for the most part, thereafter.

Terrible of course about slavery and exterminating earlier immigrant “Native Americans.”

The U.S. of A ideas are useable everywhere.

Instead of overwhelming here, revolt and fix there.

There was a Magna Carta in England and a Revolution in France i.e. it wasn't only migration as a solution.

Ones in Cuba and early Spanish controlled Central and South America too.

You want the US to fix “your” lands — let us mass migrate South and we will.

Randy Knapman, Palm Springs


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Huh?!! WTF is your point? I’m astounded the Record Gazette publishes this kind of dribble.
Mr. Knapp: please why don’t ya do everyone a favor and keep your ramblings to yourself?

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