The Democrats have a vote this week for 2.5 million DACA people, also known as Dreamers.

Harvard says it is possible, as of 2017, that there are 20+ million illegal aliens.

Of course Nancy and Charles say they and everyone in the world actually is a American.

So a much greater number of people will be validated for years to come.

This will never end unless we shift gears to reverse either mass migration, legal and illegal, or a period of deportation.

The Dems like lawlessness-it is the new definition of liberal, a term many years ago I was a bit fond of.

But it meant idealism of reasonable kinds mostly back then.

Anyway our parents’ dreams and those of reasonable conservatives, moderates and liberals of years back don't matter any more.

Only illegals have valid dreams today.

Makes no sense-a nightmare.

Mildred Kranovich, Banning


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