To the editor:

The letter labeled "Politically Charged" in the Sept. 6 issue of the Record Gazette inspired me to write a response.

Such rhetoric, calling Democrats "really, really horrible people" and "evil", amongst other such terms initially made my blood boil.

After some reflection, however, I decided to let my better angels prevail. My tendency at first was to stoop to the writer's level and label her as ignorant, small minded, or at the very least, someone like the Grinch whose heart was a minimum of two sizes too small.

But that kind of labeling accomplishes nothing and reflects a real danger for our democracy.

If we can't carry on a civil discourse, and respect others' right to disagree with us without labeling them as "evil", etc., our democracy is in real trouble. She wrote that "many years ago the Dems were almost OK."

I must say the same for Republicans. However, I seriously doubt that our most revered Republican in history, Abraham Lincoln, would recognize that party today or chose to associate with it.

Let's try to stop demonizing those who don't agree with us and make a greater effort to work together to solve the problems of our country.

We all love it and want the best for it. Give it a try.


Connie Adams


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Amen. Some of the hateful political attacks published here have gone entirely too far. Indeed, IMO, the letters section should only deal with letters concerning local or regional issues. There are plenty of other places available to spout political hatred.

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