The 14th Amendment states that "no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law." So in fact it guarantees every person the right to life. The Supreme Court has expanded this Amendment to also include privacy.

When two Constitutional Rights appear to be in conflict (Roe v. Wade) the weightier or most important right should prevail. The right to life is of paramount importance, supersedes and takes precedence over any other rights, tremendously outweighs any pregnant female's or anyone's right to privacy, and you can not have any liberty, privacy or property without life.

To my knowledge it is a scientific and biological fact that human life is created or begins at the moment of conception. Thereafter it is termed a zygote, embryo, fetus, unborn and developing baby. It is a new human life and person from the moment of conception and it makes absolutely no difference what trimester the human female is in.

It is not a God given or Constitutional Right for an expectant mother to murder the new human life in her womb without a legitimate or justifiable reason and just for convenience. Abortion must be classified as murder and not just homicide because it is done with intent. I have always believed that women are supposed to give life and not destroy it.

There have been over 63 million abortions in the United States since Roe v. Wade. Over 31 million of those murders were females. How in the world is that protecting women? Keep in mind that there would be no pro-choice protesters if they had been aborted. They would not even exist as human beings and filling our streets and news media with protests.

Why has it been given such a nice sounding name as Planned Parenthood? If a woman must resort to an abortion then it wasn't very well planned, and if she murders her unborn baby then there obviously won't be any parenthood. Maybe they should be called Human Life Termination Clinics.

In my opinion a pregnant female must be given excellent health care, financial assistance, counseling and whatever she needs even if she gives her baby up for adoption. Exceptions should also apply in cases of rape or incest, which are 1 percent and less of cases, if the expectant mother's life is at risk, or if the unborn is seriously deformed.

To all the liberal Democrats and other hypocrites including President Biden and Nancy Pelosi who support and promote abortions while professing and pretending to be Christians good luck on your Judgment Day. You will definitely need it.

Abortion is an immoral, inhumane, cruel and often barbaric procedure. It is a sad and pathetic great American tragedy. I am extremely thankful and grateful that my mother did not abort me.

Ira Pray, Beaumont


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