Many years ago in this column one contributor thought he was being a humorist and said that Scottish troops really were not advancing in battle but running away from the Scottish Bag Pipers; it wasn't funny at all but really a slap at the Scotch Pipers who, quite often, were out in front of the advance leading only with their Pipes. He should have known better.

Similarly, during WWI on Christmas Eve 1914 the troops in the trenches on both sides emerged from their trenches led by the Scottish Pipers singing Silent Night Holy Night and Adeste Fidelis and shared companionship just for a little while in the middle of the battlefield.

It was their own form of a Cease Fire on Christmas Eve, a Cease Fire which had been shunned by the Generals on both sides.

The killing stopped.

Those soldiers were from the ranks; common ordinary people who were sent on a mission to kill their "enemy" but was the "enemy" really any different from each of them? Even now when I look at our "enemy", he looks just like me.

Without the weapons in every day dress I can't tell the difference — on that Christmas Eve more than a hundred years ago, those soldiers opposing each other in the trenches came together because it was the Eve of Christ's birthday.

Each and every one of them shared a belief in their own supreme being and for that reason they put aside their generals' orders and shared a few silent, peaceful hours with each other outside the trenches.

Perhaps, someday in the future, ordinary people like you and me in this world of ours, will step forward and tell our leaders that Enough is Enough.

It can and should be done but - - -?

R. S. Bibbo, Banning


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