Dear Editor,

We are very disturbed with situation at our southern border.

It is a serious problem affecting citizens of California and the rest of the nation as well for putting our security at great risk. Definitely not a “Manufacturing Crisis” as the democrats claim.

Unfortunately neither our Congress nor the state government is addressing this issue with the utmost importance.

In fact, the regulation passed by the California legislation will amplify the immigration problems.

Majority of undocumented aliens entering U.S. have low skills, don’t speak English and have no money and no sponsors in U.S. who can support them.

Legally, they can not be employed.

What are they going to do other than join the homeless population?

There are 140,000 homeless in California and growing. With our open border policies are we importing poverty?

Currently in California, we have an open border Sanctuary State policies protecting undocumented immigrants and refusing cooperation with Federal Law enforcement agencies.

Not to mention, undocumented immigrants will be entitled to full medical care paid for by California taxpayers.

Furthermore, the citizens of California are not required to cooperate and/or follow instruction of local or state law enforcement.

Our current laws require all immigrants entering US to have visa or asylum documents with them to allow entry to U.S. They need to obtain the documents at US Embassies in their home country.

It’s not our job to provide detention facilities for undocumented refuges.

So why are our laws not enforced?

None of these laws or regulations makes any sense and are not in the best interest of the California residents.

These regulations were imposed upon us by our irresponsible State Government and are illegal and unconstitutional.

This is a clear example of abuse of power.

We have a democratic republic where any important laws need to be approved by the citizens and this was not the case here.

Why was sanctuary state issue not included in the November 2018 ballot?

Because it will never pass. We don’t have a dictatorship in California yet but our government is acting as we do.

Some counties and cities in Southern California are in the process to repeal these senseless laws: San Diego, Orange County and some cities in LA County.

What is the position of the city of Beaumont on issues of illegal immigration?

What do you hear from Riverside County and other neighboring cities?

Can you possibly inform us–the citizens– of your position and what steps you are taking to mitigate this unsustainable situation at the borders?

Perhaps Mr. Todd Parton can post an update on the City website?

Thank you and hope to see some positive action from the city and/or county soon.

Peter Garan, Beaumont


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