So as of April 24th, the world is now completely being dismantled through the systematic misinformation being given, then refuted, then retold through a different microphone or screen. Yesterday I read the Record Gazette’s article “Two studies say that smokers at higher risk for infection.”

I’m not a smoker so personally it was simply a read for me but, I found it interesting because an hour before reading this piece I read another such study saying, “Smokers 'four times less likely' to contract COVID-19, prompting nicotine patch trials on patients” So, which is it?

Who are you going to believe? The article printed by the Gazette talks of a Loma Linda hospital study while the other talks of an in-depth study conducted by the Pasteur Institute, a leading French research center into the disease.

So, again who are you going to lean towards? Well, my guess is that most of you (99 percent) will lean towards the article that best aligns with your current beliefs on the entire subject.

Since the majority of you are getting the same level of misinformation or half-truths from almost every source you can see where the longer this plays out the more you will become uniformly misinformed.

I have been telling everyone and anyone who will listen that antibody testing is going to reveal the true scope of this and it will vindicate many who feel this whole response is outrageous. I have said it and still stand by this 100 percent.

However, I was stopped in my tracts when after reading that Stanford and USC had done some of the largest antibody test studies in the world. The next days revealed an article in which a Roche CEO stated the test being used were “a disaster.”

Of course I had to read the article to see what he felt and why, but it was quickly surmised that the Roche Company had their own antibody test that they had wanted to start to sell to labs for further study.

Then I went back and restudied what I had already read about the other universities tests and result compilations in order to see if in fact the labs accounted for or felt there was a problem with their said test.

A recheck so to speak. They did account for a standard deviation in a statistical computation of +/-2 percent but this was not for the antibody test which they both felt comfortable with result outcomes.

I highlight this now because this is a problem. From day one of this COVID-19 exercise in freedom, you have listened to the “experts.” Or have you?

Who is an expert and at what point do you “believe” that said expert?

I personally don’t believe anyone.

I don’t think anyone is the ultimate answer but I also am not reliant on having to “believe” either. I have enough time, experience, and understanding of all aspects of this particular epidemic to not have to believe anything. I know.

I know the difference between sales pitches and stern facts, science and fiction, reality and Hollywood. I know what this disease will do as it runs its course. I have been right about every component of the COVID-19 debacle since before it started and I am still batting 1000 percent.

Anyone who thinks I might be a bit presumptuous need only read the letter to the editor the Gazette started but never finished running titled, “I get it, you’re scared”. Even this local little paper with its local staff of dedicated folks gets caught in the mix of misinformation but here is the kicker.

They don’t mean to, they simply “believe” they are right.

Too many people right now “believe” they are right about what the experts have said and they “know” what they should be doing. The fact is, it is obvious most folks simply don’t know anything so they simply believe everything.

Learn how to critically think for yourself because it is clear, everything you are being given is getting less and less clear and I am not willing to lose my way of life for others ignorance or inability to see the forest through the trees.

Diego Rose, Banning


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All this talk about TEMPORARY, life-saving public health requirements resulting in a PERMANENT loss of our freedoms. Hogwash! Steps such as this have been taken in every national crisis I've lived through...from the draft, to the Defense Production Act, to the Patriot Act.

Also, a reminder: You do not have the freedom to endanger the lives of others by shouting "fire" in a crowded theater. Neither should you have the right to endanger the lives of others by refusing to heed life-saving public health requirements.

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