Two weeks ago, M.Dedrick wrote a 14 point list of President Trump's failures and incompetence.

According to fact check, each point is valid. Last week, Geoffrey Wilson wrote the list was a "tirade against President Trump," suggesting that it was unfair and untrue, without providing any facts contesting the points. Weeks ago, Mr. Wilson also wrote President Trump is the only one who could lead the country "out of this mess." The facts suggest otherwise.

On April 20, journalist James Fallows tweeted "on February 20, neither South Korea nor the U.S. had reported a death from the coronavirus. On March 20, South Korea had 100 Covid-19 deaths and the U.S. had 150. On April 20, South Korea had 236 deaths and the U.S. had passed 40,000."

According to John Hopkins University Medicine, on May 15, South Korea had 260 deaths and the U.S. had more than 86,000.

From January to March, President Trump downplayed the threat of the coronavirus. During that time, the U.S. Intelligence agencies gave him at least 12 briefings, warning that the coronavirus could become a pandemic.

He ignored the warnings as a hoax.

If Trump had an early and aggressive response to the virus, the U.S. deaths could have been similar to South Korea.

For Mr. Wilson to suggested that President Trump can lead the country "out of this mess" is really ironic, since Trump is the one who led us into the mess.

In March, Trump proclaimed that he would be a wartime president. At the time, some suggested that he could have his Winston "Churchill moment." With over 86,000 American deaths and over 36 million people unemployed, many are now saying Trump could have his Herbert "Hoover moment."

Gary Campanella, Beaumont


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