A rude man got elected president by electoral college standards.

The other party got very angry.

They are even lower by every standard than him.

They would lie and wreck the country to get to him.

Now we have this report, yes he tried to get pressure off of him, but as President, executive privilege allows that within boundaries.

He did not act criminally, but normally in asking the terrible pressure be removed, legally.

How could every day he and his family be attacked and he act as President too?

His advisers knew to ask was okay but to act -otherwise.

Outside of Comy being fired — the crush Trump train rolled on and on.

Most importantly he didn't collude.

But the other party and the Russians too will act anti-American for the next two years.

The Democrats are colluding with the Russians you see- 1 and 1 is 2.

Louise Knapman, Palm Springs


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You and your husband (poster of the opinion “lost in the swarm”) are two peas in a crack-pot pod, and both should refrain from broadcasting your ignorance in public.
Your post makes no sense, his post is just as tragic. MAGA has poisoned you both, and no one cares for your opinions.

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