To the editor,

A recent letter to the editor reminisced about childhood memories then concluded with essentially equating the mentality of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) with freshman Representative Ocasio-Cortez (D), which I believe to be an unfair comparison.

However, the writer has some larger valid points. There is not an effective nickel’s worth of difference between the results of the hierarchies of both parties.

Democrats tax the middle class out of existence; Republicans ship middle class jobs overseas.

Democrats push illegal immigration, to, among several other reasons, achieve a voter base they can’t achieve among mainstream Americans. Republicans seek non-voting, bargain basement labor. Both parties depress wages and inflate rent with illegal immigration.

Democrats take money from the rich and big corporations while denouncing both, Republicans take money from the rich and and big corporations while championing both.

Democrats keep the poor down with their policies while blaming poverty on Republicans, to Republicans the poor are either invisible or bring poverty on themselves.

As well, way too many politicians of modest means on both sides become inexplicably, positively wealthy in a relative short period of time after entering Congress, which reeks of bipartisan corruption.

Despite differing rhetoric, both establishment sides eat from the same special interest trough.

Trump was a middle finger to the party establishments.

The Tea Party, a loose, somewhat chaotic coalition of small local groups, which have a mutual distrust of government, was an unintentional creation of establishment politics about a decade ago.

More recently, small, local groups on the extreme far left following the blueprint provided by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are becoming active.

The DSA believe in a coercive government program of leveling of society, which meets their definition of “equality.”

Besides ideologies, one major difference between the Tea Party method and that of the SDA is the various Tea Party groups select from whatever candidates present themselves and support their choice through the candidate’s campaign.

The candidate does their own fund raising, canvassing and other electoral tasks, which the politician takes to the next election campaign.

By contrast, the DSA model recruits the politician of their choice, handles the fund raising and runs the campaign while retaining canvassing and other data.

By this method, the organization retains an iron grip on the politician — after the election the politician is essentially a puppet to the organization because the organization can effectively toss him overboard and replace him at the next primary if he doesn’t toe the line.

This was how Ocasio-Cortez was installed into office in a district where a very small fraction of those eligible actually voted.

The DSA prefers that candidates run as open socialists, but allows working within the Democratic Party.

With this type of machine politics DSA affiliated organizations stand between the voters and the politician just as effectively with this form of leverage as any robber baron corporatist ever could with money and influence.

It appears a major grass roots political fight is brewing which will pit greatly diverging ideas of how governance will be accomplished.

Allan McNew, Beaumont


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