Dear editor,

There have been a number of Freedom of Information Act and California Public Records Act requests served upon Riverside County concerning the 2020 election.

The indication is that Riverside County has so far ignored those requests.

Apparently someone interested in maintaining the status quo involved the Grand Jury for a cut off at the pass.

The 41 page Grand Jury opinion summarized: “We contacted some people — often uninvolved with the election, scrutinized unrelated statistics and made recommendations: no evidence of fraud.”

Was anyone subpoenaed to testify under oath?

The California Secretary of State’s blathering is irrelevant.

Telephoning ballot couriers is meaningless.

Canvasing anonymous Sheriff’s department employees is hearsay. Who cares what websites have to say?

Obsession with the Post Office is a distraction. And what purpose does it serve to note the percentage of voters by race in Riverside County?

The Grand Jury’s proceedings are secret, no disinfecting sunlight there.

The Grand Jury investigation is either incompetent or bogus. A forensic audit would be much more informative.

Mafia boss Al Capone committed various, multitudinous and even heinous crimes, but there was never any evidence of it.

The tax man finally brought him down.

Allan McNew, Beaumont


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