To the editor,

The gateway people gave two reasons why this warehouse was a good idea.

“It will improve traffic congestion on Cherry Valley Boulevard."

Could there be a more asinine comment? As if hundreds of semi trucks are the answer. “It will create 750 jobs.” There is no tenant so they have no way of knowing how many jobs are available.

As warehouses become more and more automated, many large warehouses hire just a few. It’s possible this may provide just a handful of jobs if any. Those are the only reasons given in support. Feeble at best.

They knew there were thousands of residents against this. They knew the highway patrol was very concerned about traffic, was against it, as was the AQMD about air quality.

The Beaumont city council and the water district were against it as it would decrease much needed water to the Beaumont basin.

There were many pages of petitions handed in and they heard in the boardroom filled with residents pleading to stop it for all the sensible reasons because the zone change will ruin one of the last pristine areas of the county and also bring a large decline in our property values.

All these highly legitimate agencies and the thousands of pass residents certainly have obvious reasons to oppose this damaging project yet the supervisors voted against all of us and for the one person who does not live in this county so he can make a profit by ruining the lives and health of the five housing developments that will circle the noise, fumes and traffic constantly. It says this on Ashley's Web site: “has shown deep commitment to the people of Riverside County and worked to ‘improve’ lives of citizens.”

Could there be a more false comment by a person who does not care at all about any residents who live in the Pass. They even broke their own rules. The county general plan: “Cherry Valley is designated low density rural residential, a designation intended to identify and preserve areas where the rural lifestyle is the desired use. County policy #LU17.3 states that, when a rural residential designation has been made, the county will ensure development does not adversely impact the open space and rural character of the surrounding area.”

It seems as if supervisor Jeffries is the only one who has any concerns about the people and the only one with obvious integrity. As far as democracy goes in Riverside County? Democracy is dead.

Pat Doherty, Cherry Valley


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