During the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump has often repeated the line-" the cure is worse than the disease."

To Trump, the economy is more important than the loss of American lives. The economy is so important to a number of Republican leaders that they believe the effect of "herd immunity" would be the best way to reopen the economy, even though it would result in the loss of millions of lives. During the covid-19 epidemic, Trump's message to many has been-if you're white and rich you'll be okay, but if you're poor and black good luck. As many states are reopening, the coronavirus cases and deaths have increased. While Trump presses for states to reopen, his administration has privately projected a rise in cases and deaths. The failure to flatten the curve will lead to many more deaths. Dr. Chris Murray said that without physical distancing measures, there would be larger epidemics and a staggering number of deaths.

Everyone agrees that businesses need to reopen, but it must be done smartly. The CDC has put out guidelines, showing businesses how to reopen, but the Trump administration has blocked the CDC from publishing the information. Weeks ago, President Trump's White House published "phased guidelines" to open America again. The guidelines are a scientific driven approach that top health experts agree with. Each state will reopen in 3 phases based on a set of criteria. However, the Trump supporters are protesting the president's guidelines, while Trump is encouraging them to protest his own orders.

Gary Campanella, Beaumont


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