To the editor:

It is nice to love people.It is also nice to love things. When I was a small child, I loved Irvine Park which was surrounded by thousands if acres of nature.

Irvine Park had some horses, nature trails and a boathouse with a large pond. I along with other kids thought we were visiting heaven.

Also the fire pits at Huntington Beach were a great way to spend time with family and friends.

We cooked marshmallows, watched the big fire sparks and had a fun time swimming and playing in the water.

Most of us have these special childhood memories. For some it could be making homemade ice cream after the bar-b-que at a relatives, for others it could be playing in the neighborhood with friends. And so on.

These things also importantly connect us to our communities and our country.

Instead of abstract left and right political blabber there are positive things that elevate daily life and bond us a bit to others with similar experiences.

When the Democrats constantly say how bad America is, please think of your own positive memories.

The Republicans have a vacuum of feelings too.

I haven't heard any down to earth American things from Republican politicians either.

Maybe AOC and McConnell are both just coldhearted politicians and not America loving people.

Sincerely, Louise Knapman


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