I read with interest the article of 5-28-21 regarding fire season igniting earlier.

Thank you for remembering Charlie Morton, the hot- shot-crew-boss who lost his life fighting to save his mountain during the El Dorado Fire.

It has been going on 9 months since Charlie lost his life due to an irresponsible family setting off an illegal explosive device for a gender reveal party at a Yucaipa Park that was closed due to extreme heat and fire danger.

This family defied all logic and broke the law, which resulted in the death of Charlie Morton.

The San Bernardino Couty DA's office has made every excuse in the book as to why no charges have been brought against this family for Charlie's death and the horrible destruction the El Dorado Fire caused as the Apple Fire in Cherry Valley was still being fought.

Jason Anderson will not name the suspects nor will he do anything except make excuse on top of excuse as to why he hasn't acted.

Waiting for reports was his first excuse and when that got old he spoke of a "heavy caseload" and promised in January to have his decision by March and even made a video on the subject to calm down angry citizens.

When confronted in March, Anderson said another report had to be reviewed.

In fact, most all reports from the agencies involved were in before the end of 2020.

Then a new excuse — COVID-19.

In a similar case in Arizona in 2017, an off duty Border Patrol Agent started a 42,000-acre fire also setting off an illegal device for a gender reveal party.

That persons name was released as well as the speedy charges that were filed against him.

It seems that Jason Anderson and his DA's office is protecting this family; perhaps the guilty family has ties to a government agency as with the Arizona case.

Whatever the reason it is totally unacceptable that the information is still being with held from the public as we start a new fire season, this time without the hot-shot- crew-boss Charlie Morton.

The family responsible for this crime needs to be identified and charged for the destruction the El Dorado Fire caused and the death of a beloved Hot Shot Crew Boss, Charlie Morton.

Charlie deserves no less.

Cappi Duncan, Cherry Valley


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