To the editor:

SB48,  (The FAIR Act) was passed in 2015.

FAIR, meaning Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful act.

This act compels the inclusion of the social contributions of the LGBT community into educational textbooks and social studies curriculum in our  public schools.

Its sponsor is State Senator Scott Wiener-D San Francisco.

AB329, also sponsored by Democrats, was passed this year.

These bills directly affect the curriculum being taught our children in our public schools.

It is a combination of LGBT and homosexual studies.

While some books have been discontinued due to a public outcry, they are being replaced with AB329 and SB48.

The three Rs are being replaced by the three sexes, Male, Female and Non Binary.    

Most, not all public schools, have become cesspools of liberal indoctrination.   

Our children are our most valuable assets  and they deserve a better education than that which is being taught.

Instead of an emphasis on the basics they are having their heads filled with nonsense such as manmade global warming.  

According to Burgess Owens, a black conservative author appearing on the Tucker Carlson show, 75 percent of black children in California public schools can neither read nor write. 

School vouchers and the choice they present are the only way that parents can be assured of the most reliable education for their children.

Local Tea Party chapters have been successful in their efforts to educate the people.

It is also important and about time that those chapters put forth their energy for our children, by leading the charge for a school vouchers  initiative.

However, it seems that they are reluctant to do this and I don’t know why. 

I am willing to discuss this matter with Tea Party Representatives or others, with opposing views.

Russell Roof, Yucaipa


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Don't see the name of the author of this letter. But one thing is sure: He or she either doesn't have a clue what the words "inclusiveness" or "respect" mean or doesn't care. Sad.


Thanks for finally putting the author's name up there.

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