To the Editor:

It is time for another fable for our times.

It is 2024, and Trump, having survived two impeachment votes, is making another bid for the Republican nomination.

In Indiana, Mike Pence’s campaign office is trashed by Trump followers, amid cries of “Hang Mike Pence”.

In Texas, the Ted Cruz campaign bus is surrounded by “Trump Trolls”, and several are injured when the bus is forced off the road.

In South Carolina .every primary vote for Lindsay Graham is deemed to have been cast by an “illegal voter” and is thrown out.

With these, and other seditious activities, Trump easily wins the nomination.

But in the general election in November, moderate Republicans cast their votes en masse for Kamala Harris, and she wins in a landslide.

The moral of the story? Fear of another four years of a Trump presidency far outweighs the fear of “socialism”.

Robert Beeson, Beaumont


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