Dear Editor,

The recent smashing of statues, defacing of World War II memorials and burning of churches by anarchists is likely to deflect attention from the vile murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Assuring he gets life in prison and that Congress finally does it's job and passes police training reform should be the goal, so being taken into custody doesn't degenerate into being strangled to death in the street.

There shouldn't be vigilante murder for jogging or walking through a gated neighborhood talking on the phone to your girlfriend. Most people can agree on that I think.

Bad cops need to be kicked out if they are racking up complaints from the public, who they are there to protect and serve, before an atrocity takes place.

On the other side of the coin, the good police officers, lets say 98 percent need to know how to go about their job and enforce the law equally.

If a DUI means you just get a ticket and your car is towed, then that has to apply to everyone.

Good luck living in an area that has decided to defund the police as those who have the resources to leave will do so.

Sending in social workers could be very helpful to deal with the homeless and mentally ill but I doubt there will be a rush to fill those positions if not backed up by armed police.

The silence of our so called political leaders on many of these issues is deafening. Nike's "don't do it now " ad got trampled and burned along with many others, large and small but some still donate to BLM, whose stated mission is to oust the President now, not at the next election.

Perhaps the FBI would like to investigate instead of looking for Russians under the bed!

Joe Biden did say he wasn't for defunding the police but would his potential VP pick go along with that ? I doubt it in this atmosphere.

President Trump has declared himself the "law and order" President but the anarchists are not taking note and every day someone else's statue comes crashing down.

Around the world historical figures have been declared "racist," like Winston Churchill and even Mahatma Gandi so there's no telling who's next; maybe Leonardo da Vinci had some strange views?

I intend to vote for the candidate most likely to get real criminal justice reform passed and that doesn't mean let all the criminals out on the streets or don't even prosecute them in the first place.

Also they have to restore law and order, not just talk about it. Even the extreme Dems wont benefit from the current status quo as they will find out that their Utopia is too mild by half for the crazed mob.

Geoffrey Wilson, Beaumont


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