Dear Editor,

The word "empathy" is much used these days but can be in short supply when some, who profess to feel it and own it, are challenged on their political views.

If you dare to question their PC world, standby for a barrage of insults and virtual wrist slapping.

There are many examples of this on the local Nextdoor platform, which is censored by mysterious "editors", who generally favor the self-congratulatory groupthink crowd.

They are all knowing on all subjects and celebrate the downfall of those who disagree, even going so far as to celebrate the deaths of some who they assume have broken the rules in place to fight the China virus, sorry, coronavirus!

They dearly wish for the downfall of the current President and hope that the disgusting New York "play", depicting his stabbing death, comes true.

Imagine the outrage if a similar performance had been aimed at President Obama.

Recently I posted an opinion about current events, defunding police, rioting, statue smashing and burning churches which mysteriously vanished after a few hours, so had to restate it, reminding the editors about freedom of speech.

The PC cabal went frantic and one member even questioned my ability to make comments, as I “was not a citizen."

He based his assumption on my Northwest European accent, but in fact my whole family came to the U.S. legally and attained citizenship years ago and has the paperwork to prove it.

We also vote, not as a group but as individuals so it would be good to hear from the Biden-Harris ticket on the urgent matters of the day.

Instead, there is stony silence and no questions taken, not even a condemnation of rioters who recently smashed up a Ronald McDonald house in Chicago with sick kids inside.

Silence is not a good option for Joe Biden as a real Presidential candidate would let us know his views with less than three months to go, or is he hoping others will do the talking and thinking for him?

Back in Beaumont, the gatekeepers of the truth complain that the actual gates in their community are not guarded sufficiently and "anyone" can gain access, but where is the empathy?

They should be making plans to share their homes with some released "non violent" prisoners and their pensions too.

Come on, Marxism is okay, it just means you won't have to think for yourself anymore and don't even think of claiming your rights under the Constitution as that will be ancient unspoken history!

Geoffrey Wilson, Beaumont


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LOL! Week after week in the Record Gazette, we see the same litany of right-wing screeds by folks like Bibbo, Ruehl, McNew, etc., etc. But God help the person who has the courage to challenge them and stand up for the truth. Looks like the Righties can dish it out but can't take it.

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