To the editor:

Devil Dems? Really? To go there out of the chute is an example of what is ailing our American system these days.

The seemingly blind support for a President who denigrated his way to the nomination, labeled the American press the “enemy of the people” (unless, of course, it was the agreeable Fox News), tries to put a dent in U.S. intelligence agencies if they do not agree with his self serving and ego stroking agenda and now claims exoneration from a report that he is working hard to keep us from seeing is sad to witness.

But, if we could just go to one policy position to demonstrate that “Devil Dems” is an ill label and not well thought out by your earlier contributor.

Who is the “devil” here?

Our President has labeled the issue of climate change and human contribution to a general global warming a “hoax.”

This, while 95-97 percent of the scientific community believes otherwise.

So, consider this question: You are in the market for a product which you have little experience in using.

You seek various reviews of the product’s performance. Only 3 percent of the varied reviews give the product an endorsement.

Do you buy the product?

I don’t think you are buying the product.

Why, then, are you buying the word of 3 percent of the scientists on this big problem?

Why are you in support of a President who is failing one of the central questions of our times?

Why won’t Baby Boomers step up and do their own rendition of “greatest generation” in the fight for life in the future on this planet?

Why would you say that you can’t solve a problem if you cannot name it and, then, fail to name this one?

Politics, huh?

Scott Hamre, Cherry Valley


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