Three months ago or thereabouts, having survived the "prayerful" Nancy Pelosi, the ever grinning Adam Schiff and monotone Jerry Nadler's attempts to breathe life into the "whistleblower," who would have thought we'd be facing a much worse crisis, more diabolical than even the Dems could concoct?

The Wuhan virus from bats in China, and can you believe it accidentally escaped the lab and is now causing carnage around the world?

Even Paul McCartney said it was medieval to be messing with bats but I think he was referring to eating them rather than extracting virus from them.

I say, leave the bats in their cave and someone, the Chinese Government, has to pay massive compensation to countries around the world, although that will never make up for lost family members.

The consequences are many, with economies so ruined that they may never fully recover and lives shattered.

Supply chains for essential items must be brought back to the US so we can never be held hostage to threats to cut off medicine and medical equipment again.

European friends should be encouraged to do the same and use only trusted companies to develop vital equipment like 5G networks. The Globalists are not looking so clever at this time to say the least. We have part of AOC's green nightmare in place due to the's that working out, oh we didn't get rid of the cows yet!

Then there is the WHO director Dr. Tedros Adhanom who gave faulty data about transmission of the virus back in January and who's organization refused to address Taiwan's warning about it, all because he owes his position to China.

President Trump would be right to cut off their funding but strangely, Bill Gates wants to step in and give them more money to waste.

Perhaps he could work a little closer to home and solve the homeless crisis in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles for starters as elected representatives for those areas are too busy scheming against the President.

Which brings us to another question; whom do we want leading us out of this mess, if there is a way out at all, President Trump and his taskforce or Joe Biden in his basement?

Poor Joe doesn't know what day it is, but one of his team told him to do a 180 turn on Trump's travel ban from China in January, and now, instead of it being "racist", he agrees it was the right thing to do.

Nancy Pelosi is prayerfully considering which type of ice cream to choose from her huge freezer, so reassuring in times like these.

I know whom I'll be voting for if I have the chance and it won't be Joe and whomever they throw in to prop him up for vice president.

Perhaps we'll have a treatment by then and hope and optimism will prevail over the misery of this epidemic.

Geoffrey Wilson, Beaumont


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Among Mr. Wilson's many lies and slander, this one stands out: "Poor Joe doesn't know what day it is."

This is based on the totally discredited right-wing smear that Vice President Biden is suffering from some sort of dementia. The FACT is that any hesitancy in Mr. Biden's speech is due to his courageous effort to overcome a severe stutter.

Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Wilson has been seriously infected by the TDS Virus--Trump Deification Syndrome. Thankfully, we'll have a cure for that in November when the worst President of my lifetime (going back to FDR) is shown the door.

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