Letter to the editor:

It seems that there is no such thing as taking a vacation from keeping up with community news, recent updates from three neighborly community groups.

Thanks to the hospitality of Beaumont City Hall, the East Valley Association of Realtors sponsors weekly meetings at the Civic Center. Realtors network with other real estate professionals, pitch open house tours of listed resale homes in the San Gorgonio Pass Area, and provide beneficial educational programs. Insurance specialist Violeta Uribe, an EVAOR affiliate member offered a timely home maintenance tip to prevent exterior and interior damage. As a back-up plan, affiliate member Lisa Masterson suggested investing in an economical home warranty protection policy for repair or replacement of a home’s major operational systems and appliances insured by the policy. This past July, the Cherry Valley Acres and Neighbors (CVAN) group had its quarterly meeting at the Cherry Valley Grange. CVAN president, Patsy Reeley, announced she will not be running for re-election in 2020. As many San Gorgonio Pass Are residents are aware, CVAN and the Cherry Valley Environmental Planning Group together with the Sierra Club filed a lawsuit opposing proposed mega-warehouse construction on the north side of Cherry Valley Blvd. The court issued a mandate that construction may not proceed until Riverside County proves to the court that the project will fully conform to the California Environmental Quality Act. Last but not least, is the recent public meeting of the San Gorgonio Municipal Advisory Council at the San Gorgonio Water Pass Agency Building in Beaumont. This important meeting provides SGPA residents an opportunity to address their community concerns to Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt by his liaison Mario Garai, phone (951) 955.8351. The Record Gazette Community Briefs offers helpful information to keep abreast of what’s happening in your community!

Sincerely, Joan Marie Patsky


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