As Mayor of Banning, I am concerned about clean energy and climate change. I applaud the vision of converting clean energy goals into tangible results in our state and throughout the country.

For decades, California has established itself as a leader in renewable energy development. We pride ourselves in leading the charge for clean power and creating sustainability in the face of climate change.

California is also well-versed in the challenges facing our energy infrastructure. We cannot reach real growth in the energy sector without the appropriate investments in our grid.

Turning to renewable energy is not just about our carbon footprint; it also ensures California becomes a more business-friendly state. With new wind, solar, storage, and transmission development comes job growth, revenue streams, and economic opportunity straight to our local communities. The American Jobs Plan accelerates the need for these clean energy projects to begin development sooner rather than later, at a time when our nation needs it most.

California has one of the longest coastlines in the country, yet, on the state level, we have not been able to successfully tap into this natural resource for energy production through offshore wind. We must accelerate offshore wind development on the West Coast, making California a leader in floating offshore wind technology and deployment. I recognize the American Jobs Plan has an aggressive timeline and seeks to yield results fast. I know that California, its businesses, and its residents will directly benefit from its enaction.

Mayor Colleen Wallace, Banning


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