To the Editor,

It’s amazing to me as to why outside people would spend the kind of money they do for a city council election here in Banning, or as far as that is concerned, any other city. What has this country come to?

Just check in with the City Clerk’s office and you will find California Form 496 and Form 460 (these are forms which are required to be turned in identifying the amount of money that has been contributed to a candidate and received by a candidate for public office).

I want to break it down for you, the voter. First, the candidate that is receiving funds. David Happe for the Fourth District and Patrick Cork Irwin for the Fifth District. Next, the people or companies that contributed. All are out-of-town special interest groups wishing to buy Banning’s election. Why, Why?

Form 496, Business Leaders for Ethical Government, Jeffrey S. Burum, Rancho Cucamonga. Ca. (real estate developer, $20,000); Diversified Pacific Opportunity Fund, LLC ($9,500 and $30,000.)

Form 460, Business Leaders for Fair and Ethical Government, $12,930.04, and Diversified Pacific Opportunity Fund, LLC, $40,000.

Supporting Banning candidates that have not attended one single city council meeting – Candidate Happe has not even lived in Banning for a year, I do not think. As far as Patrick Cork Irwin, who has lived here in Banning, but never has attended a council meeting in over five years. Makes no sense to me why one would take their money in the first place that did not know each other four weeks ago.

Are they being bought? That is not the kind of candidates we the voters want in government.

I know I do not.

Open our eyes, District No. 4 and District No. 5. Elect the most qualified candidates who have been attending the council meetings. District 4, we need Jerry Westholder, and in District 5, we need David Ellis.

They will work for us, the voter, not the special interest groups.

Frank J. Burgess, Banning


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