Dear Editor,

On July 22, I took my dogs to enjoy the dog park at Stewart Park, only to find it was locked up with an announcement that due to the fact that no one was cleaning their dog messes they were closing the park.

I am going to assume a big part of this was due to the fact that when I was there with my dogs a few days’ earlier two young boys entered the small dog area with 4 dogs, one was a full size dog, the others were medium size. I told the boys they couldn't have a large dog in the small dog area and they told me I would have to deal with their mother.

As this big dog was running and bouncing around the area my dogs became frightened and one I had to hold and the other two were clinging to my legs.

Eventually, the mother started to enter the park with another dog in her arms. I told her she could not leave the big dog in this side. She only commented that the dog was eleven years old and harmless, and returned to her car.

Apparently, my dogs didn't understand the dog was harmless, because they continued to cling to me.

During this time I watched the big dog poop, I don't know if the other dogs did the same, but the boys made no effort to clean it up.

Unfortunately, I was forced to leave and as I passed the woman's car I noticed she had more dogs in the car with her. I assumed she was waiting for me to leave. I chastised her that she should not have the big dog in with the little ones and told her she should take the smaller dogs and the big dog to the big dog side. Her comment was "why don't you take your dogs to the big side?" She reiterated that the big dog was old and harmless and all the other dogs with her were the offspring of the big dog.

I don't frequent the dog park often as there are parks in my Solera community, however, when I do the people that are there with their dogs are very conscientious of keeping the place clean, even to the point they will clean up poop that is not their dogs if they see it, or another owner's dog poop if the owner doesn't see their dog going.

It's very sad that a few that don't follow the rules make the rest of us pay the price.

Sharon Waitman, Beaumont


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