To the Editor,

My wife, Debi and I attended the Beaumont city council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2.

There were 16 items on the agenda, so it turned into a very long meeting. Beside Mayor Nancy Carroll, the councilmen present were Rey Santos, Mike Lara, Lloyd White and Julio Martinez.

I was very impressed at how well the meeting went, as there were a lot of items on the agenda to go over and discuss. Mayor Carroll and the other council members were very knowledgeable of the items on the agenda and questioned a lot of the items until they completely understood, whether it was financial or timely induration on some of the projects involved.

I believe this city council is doing a great job for Beaumont especially with all of the problems that the past city administration left them with.

Councilmen White, Lara and Santos are all up for reelection in November and I will have no problem in voting to keep them in office. They are doing a great job in Beaumont.

David Valdivia, Sr., Beaumont


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Libi you are a joke. You speak for no one but your "Army of Two" (Judy Bingham). You lie about being a citizen of Beaumont. You couldn't even get 25 valid signatures on a recall petition. You couldn't even get 5 percent of the community to support you by voting no on the sewer fee increase.

You keep trying to fool us into believing that the "new council" is no better than Kapanicas and his crew. That is a flat-out lie. Of course, you have admitted that your real goal is to destroy our city government so that Beaumont will be run by the County Board of Supervisors. If you think that the people of our community want that, you are even more delusional than I thought.

Libi Uremovic

isn't this valdivia is the brother of squeaky valdivia who works for ashley ..?

yes, the valdivias and the boghs and the baldis and the balingits and all the other families that have profited from beaumont's corruption for the past 20 years are all very happy with the 'new council' - they're willing to gouge the citizens far more than the 'old council' ...

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