To the Editor,

Jeff Burum and Diversified Pacific will do anything, and I mean anything, to get Irwin and Happe elected to the Banning City Council. They want their plans to move smoothly, regardless of what is best for the people and the city of Banning.

They are the ones who are paying for the signs that you see around town. In checking their Ca 460 forms, Happe received $22,632.04 in non-monetary funds, and Irwin received $20,614.38 from the PAC Business Leaders for Ethical Government, which comes from Diversified Pacific and Jeff Burum.

Calling an organization “ethical” does not make it “ethical.” Happe and Irwin are so inexperienced when it comes to city politics that they will send us down the wrong road to cater to Rurum and Diversified Pacific. If they think that they received this money for nothing, they are very naïve.

The same goes for the Morongo Band of Mission Indians. Earlier this year, they rejected our request for a police car because “they had no money” and yet, just last week, they gave $30,000 to the Business Leaders for Ethical Government. Why would they have an interest in another city?

They don’t, and the money will go toward Happe and Irwin’s campaign. Do you think they will be expecting something back from these two? You had better believe they will. The donations received were for “nonmonetary contributions”; therefore, Diversified Pacific is controlling the advertising, not Happe and Irwin. They are being “bought” by Diversified Pacific and Morongo.

Be on the lookout for a smear campaign regarding Ellis and Westholder. Who knows what the Business Leaders for “Ethical” Govt. will put out of their hat. Don’t believe it. Ellis, a long-time resident and former planning commission member, and Westholder, a pastor, are honest people who want to serve the people of Banning.

The corruption in this town must stop. That is why we need Ellis and Westholder on the city council. They will move us forward in doing what is best for the city. They cannot be “bought.”

If they could, then those mentioned would have been giving them money instead of Irwin and Happe.

End corruption; elect Ellis and Westholder.

Terri Ann Turner, Banning


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Banning is quite irrelevant, it hasn’t grown at all in the past 15 years nor will it ever. Banning is trash city, Banning is trash and dumb to smoke. Get it right you stoner!

Libi Uremovic

what are these guys doing in banning - is it for that development south of town ..?

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