To the Editor,

Why do 30,000 to 40,000 children die every year from preventable illness?

Only because they do not have access to vaccines or other treatment. Measles, one disease responsible for staggering deaths, could be eradicated if these children could be vaccinated.

Another is dehydration from devastating diarrhea. Yet, a rehydration kit, consisting of water, sugar, salt and potassium will stop diarrhea in its tracks and lead to a quick recovery. The vaccination and rehydration kit costs only pennies per child.

So, why are these little lives snuffed out before they have barely begun? There is a solution to the problem, and an organization called RESULTS is fighting everyday to bring vaccinations, rehydration kits, and to wipe out hunger and poverty worldwide.

The founder of RESULTS is Sam Daley Harris. He began with a small group in 1980 to eradicate poverty and to empower women. He watched this small group grow to a National Organization and to what is now an International Organization. A small local group is in the Pass Area and meets monthly.

Sam was a schoolteacher but he has sacrificed his career to devote his life to RESULTS. There is a bill in Congress that will be voted on in January 2015 This GAVI bill (HR 688) would appropriate the money needed to save thousands of lives.

Congressman Raul Ruiz represents our district in the House of Representatives. It has been said that Congressman Ruiz reads the Record Gazette and I hope he is reading this letter now and is impressed with RESULTS and their determination to accomplish the above-mentioned goals. It is imperative HR 688 is passed in the Congress next month.

Representative Ruiz is not only a Congressman; he is also a well-respected medical doctor.

Because of his background and medical training, ending the suffering and needless death of any child must be abhorrent to him.

With the details of the bill and the money needed to enact it, covered in this letter, the hope is that Congressman Ruiz will clearly see the importance of his vote.

To any reader interested in becoming a RESULTS volunteer, or to learn more about the organization, go to or call (951) 769-1910.

Vern Schulz, Banning


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