Dear Editor,

Let me begin by thanking Gary Campanella of Beaumont for a concise and cogent letter.

His letter highlighted the belief that there are very few Americans (or locals) who want to continue to see a stumbling economy but that guidelines are in place and we should follow them, not just have them as window dressing.

The other two letters in last week's trilogy were longer, less focused and more inclined to throw in the kitchen sink on all arguments against impeachment (almost forgotten, huh?), for dirty tricks investigations, and on China and the Coronavirus.

Remember when Rep. Trey Gowdy explored the Benghazi incident at length?

I can tell you that I never even once thought, much less verbalized, that we should investigate him after it was over.

The chilling of the legitimate arm of oversight does not seem to be an American value.

Some apparent facts, here. It would be good if we could arrive at some facts from which to start.

It is the witness (not a fact, then, but a starter) of former FBI director James Comey that Donald Trump asked for his allegiance/loyalty.

It is a sure fact that Donald Trump fired James Comey on May 9, 2017 and followed that up with a Russian only meeting in the White House where he told a news reporter, later, that he informed the Russian representatives that he fired Comey over this "Russia thing."

That interview, I believe with Lester Holt (NBC), is on tape.

It is a fact that Trump's own Attorney General recused himself from the case due to Russian entanglements and that Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein then appointed Robert Mueller to investigate the entire mess.

It is also a fact that two years plus later, the day after Robert Mueller testified to Congress in July 2019, Donald Trump made a call to the Ukraine in which he asked for an investigation of his perceived political rival, Joe Biden, and Biden's son.

Given the facts the intelligent person would conclude that the entire investigation and impeachment process was created by none other than Donald Trump by his actions, words and tweets. Sorry that had to happen but try not to blame others for what the president himself created.

It had to be done.

Some newer apparent facts, pandemic version.

A group created to coordinate pandemic response was disbanded by President Trump.

A playbook report given to the Trump team by the outgoing Obama administration was, seemingly, not given much attention.

China first officially notified about the pandemic on or around Dec. 31, 2019.

In January, President Trump is quoted on tape as saying China is "transparent and doing a very good job" on the pandemic.

It is also a fact that the Chinese government waited too long and was not being transparent.

But, now, after having praised China incorrectly, the President blames them almost completely. They did deserve blame.

We also deserve for our President to be forthcoming and he covered for them.

The following is not a fact but an educated guess: It is likely that President Trump covered for them to keep his hopes alive for a relationship that would still lead to a big deal.

It is usually the most obvious thing, isn't it?

Added facts: On January 31, President Trump limited travel from China.

Many Democrats read xenophobia (Trump has been know to run this way) into this and several statements and actions were made that suggest they were in error.

Another fact: These persons are not the president and their statements and actions do not remove the president's responsibility.

It is a fact that after Jan. 31 President Trump engaged in political jousting with the Democrats and wasted six full weeks until any actions further.

Are readers aware that South Korea started their fight about the same time as the United States and as of May 15, their death toll is less than 300 while our death toll is 86,000 plus?

That is a fact.

A further fact is that from March 13 when President Trump declared a national emergency to the present day (two full months) still not much has been accomplished in the "war on the virus" save for many, many news conferences where the president has held forth in front of us with very little expertise.

The president has elaborated on guidelines (in the mail, in writing, to us which are posted on our microwave) while he and his Vice President ignore those guidelines.

It is a fact that the President has urged citizens to protest his own administration's guidelines.

It is also factual that there is now a political attempt to disparage medical advisors by the administration and its surrogates.

We could now say that we may know what MAGA truly means — Mask America Great Again.

Here is the last bit of fact: The president is not responsible for a virus.

The president is not fully responsible for the economic hardship the virus has brought.

The president is responsible for his response, however, though he infamously denied any responsibility for previous actions (disbanding the pandemic team in the White House, pointedly) and, also, the current general responsibility of the office, seemingly.

Do we not fire managers who fail so completely?

Be honest with yourselves and with the facts included herein.

Scott Hamre, Cherry Valley


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