To the editor:

The recent grand jury report concluded that a City Council member was being a bully and their actions have cost the City close to $2 million in lawsuits.

The report recommends that the citizens of Banning "should hold the City Council accountable to high standards and expectations", as well as"observe, attend, and voice their concerns at City Council public meetings."

I am here to voice my concern over the bullying that is taking place, not only in City Hall, but also in this community, especially on social media and the internet.

Many good citizens are afraid to voice their concerns at City Council meetings or run for elected office for fear of having their name dragged through the mud on social media in general and on anonymous websites like The Banning Informer, where the owner cannot be identified. Banning is NOT the corruption capital of the universe or the Inland Empire.

This bullying has got to stop.

No city is perfect.

Every city needs improvement. The difference is in attitude.

We need to promote a more positive and cooperative attitude among the City Council members and the community.

Nothing positive will ever come from negativity.

There is a definitive line between freedom of speech and bullying.

Name calling and proclaiming false facts as truth have got to stop.

The sad part is that most of this negativity on the internet is done by someone who does not have the guts to give their real name. Remember, two plus two does not equal twenty two.

The citizens of Banning deserve better and demand better in their city.

So to the members of the City Council, do your job and censure the bullies and pledge to be more positive and let us all work together for the betterment of our city.


Mary Hamlin, Banning


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