As president of the San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Foundation, I want to thank all of those organizations, businesses, and individuals who have been so gracious in their donations during these trying times of the pandemic.

Our nurses, doctors, custodial, and administrative staffs have been working around the clock to take care of the never-ending stream of Covid-19 patients.

Though physically and mentally beat they continue to work their 16-hour shifts, providing the best treatment possible to all of those who came to them for help. Nurse compared the current atmosphere to a “War Zone”, others have been seen tears flowing as a result of the stress over losing patients.

However, they continue to serve, and serve well beyond what can be considered the call of duty.

Your donations of PP&E, food, snacks, and other items have gone to the staff dealing directly with patients. Since the staff can rarely leave their posts, even to grab a bite to eat, things like protein bars, packaged chips, Capri Sun Drinks, Gatorade, Jolly Ranchers, String Cheese, and other individually wrapped snacks and drinks have become their staple, and very much appreciated.

In addition, you should see the smiles on their faces when they see and hear the public demonstrations of support.

Of course, the monetary contributions have been a great help in filling in the gaps of needed supplies. The staff not only recognizes your support efforts, but appreciates that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

There are so many individuals and families that have made contributions we cannot name them all here. Some have given money, others needed items or food, and some provided moral support through letters and demonstrations.

For example, the Peter Deleon family provided 32 pizzas for the staff. Rich Morales formed a drive by support caravan that the staff really appreciated.

Local Businesses like the Sonic and Jack in the Box restaurants have donated food. Also, local organizations have stepped up to help like Table of Plenty, who is supplying snacks, and the Banning Chamber of Commerce who has provided a very large number of snacks and drinks. Even churches, such as the Sandals Church of Banning that donated 250 meals that fed the entire hospital staff.

The Foundation is committed to continuing its front-line staff support throughout this horrific time.

We will continue to offer any assistance we can, provide necessary items, and give moral support to these true heroes of our community.

If you would like to participate in our efforts please feel free to contact the Foundation Director, Valeri Harper at (951) 769-2184, or me, George Moyer at (951) 663-5266.

Thanks again to all of you, Pass Area residents, organizations, and businesses alike. You have shown what the true meaning of community is all about.

George Moyer, Banning


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