To the editor:

On the inside of the very last page of last week’s paper was a photo of two new members of the Board of Directors for San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, Andrew Gardner and Steven Cooley.

This is cause for celebration! Several changes have occurred in the membership of the SGMH board over the past year, all for the better and our little hospital is already on its way to a healthier future.

The troubled past has been left behind and a brighter future is in the making.

San G is starting the path to implementing a new enterprise clinical management system and electronic medical record, bringing their technology into the twenty-first century.

This is a huge investment for any healthcare organization, but absolutely essential to keep pace with changes in patient care technology and regulatory requirements.

Applause to San G’s leadership for the decision to embrace these needs and make the necessary investments.

Several of us in this community have written in the past two years during very turbulent times and it is now a great joy to write with a positive outlook for the future.

The board of directors and the CEO are making decisions that are more than just stabilizing the hospital to prepare it for sale.

Rather, they are investing in the hospital so that it will increase in value and in service to our community.

The hospital is adding specialty services to keep patients close to home and provide high-quality care. Although financials are not yet robust, they are stable and improving.

Another testament to the value of good leadership.

This is all good news.

Hats off to our community hospital and we look forward to hearing more good news, seeing you flourish and become the vibrant and essential member of our community that we need.


Sandra Gutknecht


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