Once again, Scott Hamre is lecturing us using the agenda of the new Socialist Party claiming that there will be dire national problems unless we follow the recommendations of scientists and solve the problem - as if global warming is a new problem to this earth of ours. Never mind the fact that global warming (as well as global freezing) has been going on for millions of years. Scientists had nothing to do with any of these episodes — they just happened and will continue to do so regardless of what efforts are made to change them.

At one point Mr. Hamre felt that we should have listened to Al Gore when he ran for President regarding the way to solve global warming, this from a man who once said that he invented the Internet, a great recommendation to support Mr. Hamre's position.

The problem with Mr. Hamre's idyllic view is that he never says how the Socialists plan to accomplish their pie in the sky climate change solution.

The plan, of course, as laid out in the Socialist's manifesto is to do away with the need for fossil fuel energy; to shut down our fossil fuel companies would put millions of people out of work with little or no hope of any employment.

Concurrently, we would change from a country able to sustain itself to one totally dependent on foreign oil supplies and whatever they care to charge us as well.

To get to the point the Socialists want, that is to be free from fossil fuel, we would all be required to buy electric vehicles which would be very difficult since their will be millions unemployed with no resources to buy these vehicles.

At that point you would need a horse to get around but, unfortunately, the Socialist's agenda calls for the abolition of horse excrement. For essentially the same reason, their agenda calls for the elimination of cows; their goes the meat industry and the elimination of more millions of jobs along with even more millions of jobs in the fast food industry.

Of course, it shouldn't matter since the agenda calls for unemployment payments to all even if they simply don't want to work.

Of course, the airline industry would also collapse adding more millions to the unemployment line.

All of these costs for the unemployed to be paid for by simply printing more paper money with no backing — any economist will tell you what to expect then — bankruptcy! Forget the fact that taxes will increase substantially leaving even less in what's left in our paychecks.

On a far more serious note, there agenda calls for unlimited immigration and free medicare for all; no regard in their insanity is given to the effect that will have on the personal medical care for American citizens.

With hospitals overflowing with a deluge of illegal aliens along with the inability of our own citizens to see their doctor on a timely bases, deaths

will rise exponentially.

Not only that but the program Mr. Hamre feels is right for this country includes the proposal to permit late term abortions even permitting the murder of newborns if the parents decide they no longer want the child they conceived.

Hard to swallow that one, Mr. Hamre.

Mr. Hamre tries to paint a picture of an idyllic society without the need for fossil fuels but their is a very dark side that he refuses to acknowledge or address.

With millions out of work and no hope for the future people who want to work (and most do) will find no jobs, some will be on welfare for the rest of their lives, alcoholism will increase as well as divorce and suicides, a new national tragedy stemming from the introduction of the Socialist's agenda which will affect all of us.

You can see why Mr. Hamre refused to address the dark vile consequences of the Socialist agenda.

He has bought into their agenda hook, line and sinker as the saying goes.

He even overlooks the fact that even if the Socialists agenda actually worked, the rest of the world, more than seven hundred billion people, would go on their merry way doing as they always did and watch us fall into the dustbin of history.

I can only agree with Mr. Hamre on one point he made; go out and vote — but reject the insanity of the Socialist's agenda for our country!

R. S. Bibbo, Banning


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It could take hours to counter all the misstatements and falsehoods parroted by Mr. Bibbo. But I'll summarize them in one point: What Bibbo says about the Democratic Party becoming the "Socialist Party" is a LIE, plain and simple.

I would remind him that the leader of his party, among other things, refused to publicly condemn the cop-killing extremist group, the Boogaloo Boys, for attempting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Instead, he used the opportunity to attack Gov. Whitmer...the victim.

Mr. Bibbo is as confused as the White House Office of Science and Technology, which declared earlier this week that one of Donald Trump's accomplishments was, and this is a direct quote: "Eliminating the coronavirus"! Really? That would be hilarious if it wasn't so disgusting.

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