To the editor:

Here is a fable for the not-too-distant future:

It is 2023 and Senate Republicans are gearing up their presidential campaigns.

Ted Cruz’ campaign takes a major hit when Mexico announces that it is investigating his alleged connection to the cartels, because President Biden asked them to in exchange for a sweetheart immigration deal. “Nothing wrong with that” says a WaPo editorial.

Marco Rubio’s campaign falls flat when Cuba announces that it is investigating him for human smuggling into Florida because President Warren will lift some of the sanctions in repayment.

When Fox News reports on this, the White House screams “Witch Hunt”.

President Sanders announces that Lindsey Graham is being investigated by Israel’s Mossad for anti-Semitic remarks, and that in exchange U.S. forces will attack Palestine strongholds. “No Crime” is the NY Times headline.

The moral of this fable should be abundantly clear. The Trump presidency will not last forever.

The consequences of the Republican Senate impeachment vote will.

Robert Beeson, Beaumont


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