The World Health Organization recommends a ratio of 5 hospital beds per 1,000 people. The average in the United States is 2.8 hospital beds per 1,000 people.

The San Gorgonio Hospital has 61 beds or, enough hospital beds to serve a population of 12,000.

The Hospital’s Service Area spans from Cabazon to Cherry Valley for a total population of 90,000, which means it would need 450 hospital beds to properly care for an average community. But the Pass Area is not an average community; it has been infused with multiple Senior Citizen Housing Complexes.

Sun Lakes has 3,327 houses, or approximately 5,000 senior citizens.

Solera has 1,290 houses or approximately 2,000 senior citizens.

Four Seasons claims to have 2,000 houses which equate to approximately 3,000 seniors, but the ‘new’ City Council removed the number of houses being built from all documents, so the actual number of houses is unknown.

And Pardee Homes has added ‘Altis,’ which is 704 senior citizens houses or another 1,000 or so senior citizens.

Every Property Owner has additional taxes from the Hospital to pay for $108 Million in Bond Debt that was allocated to construct a six-story tower to bring the total bed capacity to 120 surgical beds and 16 intensive care beds, but the tower was never built.

A house divided can not stand and neither can a community. I have spent seven years exposing government corruption in the Pass Area and Judy Bingham has spent over 15 years doing nothing more than her duty as a Citizen.

The attacks by Elected and Appointed Officials are well documented and continue to this day.

Every media outlet in the Pass Area has blocked me to intentionally keep the Citizens uninformed. Now people are going to die, not because facts and knowledge were not available, but because of fraud and deceit of people that held positions of power.

To quote the Riverside County Grand jury Report on Beaumont’s CFD Fraud: “It appears to be a conspiracy to deceive the people.”

Libi Uremovic, Beaumont


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