No, Mr. Mehlman, there is no constitutional right to shout "fire" in a crowded theater and you know it - or should.

There is a constitutional right however to determine what is done to your body and you know it — or should unless, of course, you prefer to live in a dogmatic Socialist state where your very being belongs to the state and you have accepted that nonsense.

You said "more than 90 percent of those hospitalized with Covid or have died from the virus were unvaccinated. That is a fact."

No, Mr. Mehlman that is a lie and that is a fact! What you failed to mention in your "fact" is that a very large percentage of those who died were admitted for a far more serious condition which ultimately caused their death, not the Covid.

The Socialists, however, chose to call it a Covid death to ramp up their lying attempts to scare the unvaccinated in to submitting to the Socialist effort to control the masses.

Mr. Mehlman, have you really bought into this Socialist effort to subvert our liberty and bow to the lies of the Left?

Look around you - what have they done for either of us, you and me, in just one year?

Millions are pouring across the border, crime is out of control, inflation is out of control, we are now energy dependent and our military is in danger of becoming inadequate to defend us.

The Socialists are deliberately letting these things happen for one reason only. Power!

They care nothing about our heritage and will stop at nothing just to gain political power.

True free, Mr. Mehlman, or free dumb. Make your choice.

R. S. Bibbo, Banning


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