Dear Editor,

I believe the demoncrats are using every dirty trick in the book to get rid of our blessed President Donald J. Trump.

Now they are using the coronavirus against the people by keeping us home and not allowing our state to open up and get back to work and our children back in school.

Saying they will give everybody $2,000 a month.

However, the money was going to go to undocumented individuals and not citizens.

All of this just to get the democrates in the 2020 elections.

I’ll be 90-years-old in August and will not stay at home.

The coronavirus will soon pass away just like the Measles, Scarlett fever, Ebola, H1N1 and other pandemics that have come through.

And now they want to take the voting booths away and have us do mail-in voting.

They are destroying the American way all so they can stay in power.

Well, I say it’s “by the people for the people.”

So I’m putting out a call to action to all our brothers and sisters to pray for the right people to be elected and step into the positions in local government, that God wants in office.

Bill Ruehle, Beaumont


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Your "blessed" President Trump...a man who has repeatedly violated the Sixth and Eighth Commandments: Thou shall not bear false witness and Thou shall not commit adultery. It sickens me how many so-called "Christians" leave their morality behind to flock to Donald J. Trump.

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