­­­­Banning has for the past few council elections managed to elect folks who put the “bully” in bully pulpit.

Our elected leaders would be wise to not abuse their position of power to bully others on the council — past and present — and they certainly should not be practicing condescension and slander against the folks they are elected to lead.

The negativity has not been productive, and has deterred potential landowners from coming to Banning out of fears that their entities and investments could become targets of attacks and fearmongering.

Few citizens who attend Banning’s council meetings in person feel that they can speak their minds to the council, without being berated and disrespected.

The intimidation and captious practices over the years by a few council members, including at least one currently serving, was an eye opener to our newest reporter, who was so appalled (as much so as some longtime residents who observe municipal meeting broadcasts away from the caustic environment of the council chambers) that he felt compelled to write about it a couple of weeks ago for the Record Gazette.

These antics practiced by said council member and some of the councilmember’s friends who attend council meetings and text suggestions and rhetoric back and forth are amusing only to themselves.

The detriment and disillusionment is not a good impression for Banning. Bullying others is not funny, and it is not ethical.

We expect better from our leaders.


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